Comfortably Uncomfortable™

Are you ready to become comfortably uncomfortable™? Together we will push ourselves through physical and mental torture so that we can rise above those who sit in comfort.

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Beyond Progressive Overload: Advanced Principles for "Comfortably Uncomfortable" Training

Beyond Progressive Overload: Advanced Principles for "Comfortably Uncomfortable" Training For the seasoned athlete or fitness enthusiast, the concept of progressive overload—increasing the intensity of your workouts over time to stimulate...

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"Being Uncomfortable is Literally When You Grow"

Gary Keidong is a US Army Veteran and NPC Classic Bodybuilder. He tells us about his journey to the sport and how being comfortably uncomfortable is so important for everything...

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You Descended from Champions: So act like it

As we navigate the trials and tribulations of modern life, it's easy to forget the extraordinary lineage from which we come. Each of us carries a legacy of survival, a...

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The History of Physical Education

Embracing the Challenge: Rediscovering Physical Vigor and Mental Strength In the bustling rhythm of modern life, where convenience often trumps effort, NUMB Gym stands as a beacon, reminding us of...

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