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Comfortably Uncomfortable™ Heartbreak Blue

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Includes the trademarked slogan. Athletic styled fit with curved hem.

Are you comfortable with being uncomfortable? Fits tight as it should, if you order your size. It will make your arms deceptively big. 

No more excuses. You need to get Comfortably Uncomfortable™. This shirt will remind you of this every day. As humans, we like to take the easy way out. We like doing things that we are comfortable doing. But it's essential to do things that we don't want to do. It helps our health, mental well-being, and opens up opportunities that would have not been possible otherwise.

It also just makes you a bad ass.

By becoming part of our community and putting on this shirt, you're choosing to push yourself beyond your limits and embrace the discomfort. Our brand is not just about clothing. It's about living a lifestyle that challenges you physically and mentally, and our shirts will in-clothe your cognition with that idea.

So, take on our five challenges, become part of our community, and become Comfortably Uncomfortable™

The challenge:

1: Go do an hour of physical activity each day

2: Cold Showers

3: Wake up before the sun

4: No junk food

5: Meditate

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Size: Large

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Comfortability Is the Atrophy of Man
Comfortability Is the Atrophy of Man
Comfortability Is the Atrophy of Man

Comfortability is the atrophy of man™


To succeed in life, motivation alone is not enough. To become proficient in any skill, one must persevere even when motivation wanes. This is where being "comfortably uncomfortable" comes in. Discipline is built by doing things outside our comfort zone, even when we don't feel like it.

Comfortably Uncomfortable™

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